I helped launch the social portion of Tillamook's  "Un-American Cheese" campaign. We the people of the United States of America are being falsely represented by our namesake “American Cheese”. With as many as 18 ingredients like sorbic acid and sodium phosphate, the FDA says processed “American Cheese” can’t even be called cheese. Rather it must be referred to as a “cheese product.” 

We carried this through social by creating relevant answers to the "American Cheese" problem. We used Instagram's unique experience to tell this story in an innovative way. We also encouraged users to celebrate their independence from processed cheese with a coupon for Tillamook Cheddar singles. 


Agency: 72andsunny
Creative Director: Jason Ambrose
Jr. Designers / Art Directors / Social Makers: Fabienne Wente & Laura Beck
Jr. Writer / Social Maker: Hilary Smith