In 2008, I started designing professionally and the world became a prettier place. She, who introduces herself as “Fab,” while adamantly explaining the nickname isn’t short for “fabulous” (although friends and co-workers assure her she is), specializes in print. Nevertheless, her roots in production and her obsession to create all things tangible have recently made her a superstar in a world of digital and branded social media.

Fab is, in every sense of the word, a “maker.” For Tillamook, the Pacific Northwest brand behind “Dairy Done Right,” Fab concepts, shops, prop styles, cooks, food styles, set designs, photographs and retouches imagery for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

The LA native works pretty damn hard at creating visually compelling posts across her own social channels, too. One time, her Instagram grid was inspired by her blue hair. That same blue hair was inspired by her unapologetic obsession with all things colorful and fun.  

Speaking of fun, she thinks it would be fun if you reached out for a chat. You can email her at